Closing Returned Streams in WCF

Streams should always be closed after usage to free the resources behind them. WCF web service functions returning values likes streams are no exception. You should never rely on your client to do this but for some reason many WCF streaming examples overlook this.

To correctly dispose return values WCF provides you with two options:

  • Setting the OperationBehaviorAttribute.AutoDisposeParameters to true
  • Using the OperationCompleted event.

I like to use the event as it gives me more control.

Here is what I think is a correctly implemented GetFile method:

public Stream GetFile(string path) {
   Sream fileStream = null;    

      fileStream = File.OpenRead(path);
      return null;

   OperationContext clientContext = OperationContext.Current;
clientContext.OperationCompleted += new EventHandler(delegate(object sender, EventArgs args)
      if (fileStream != null)

       return fileStream;

The dispose method should not throw an error even if the client has already correctly closed the stream.

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