The best JavaScript MVC framework

I’m a great believer in frameworks as they provide a SOLID and well tested infrastructure for you solutions. Modern web apps are base on a almost excessive amount of JavaScript on the client side and REST services on the server side. There are a lot of frameworks that support this and the challenge for developers is to figure out on which one to invest their time on. Even if  the teams behind the products encourage to mix these, the reality is that  doing so will only result in hacks – in other words the framework needs to be complete.

So, on what horse did I decide to bet on? The answer is AngularJS.
Why? Let me telly you:

  • It tells a lot about a framework if the most basic examples reveal many features but are also easy to understand
  • Unlike the jQuery+Knockout+whatever combos it provides a complete framework which not only guides developers to setup the app in a certain way but also supports testing by design
  • It is a product of a big company (Google) but unlike Kendo it is 100% free making it easy to to take into use and to find developers already familiar with it. Not to mention that it is actually possible to find reviews without any commercial BS.
  • Unlike e.g. Ember it is a mature framework with a good online documentation and active community.
  • It provides templating by allowing to extend the standard set of HTML/DOM elements with your own components. Personally I find this approach most intuitive and clear.
  • The apps are based on controllers, directives, filters and services. There is a inbuilt support for dependency injection.
  • Unlike Knockout there is no need to use special observable object types in your model to get the data binding to work.
  • The Chrome and Angular teams have worked together to provide a browser add-on to help debugging.
  • It has no (inbuilt jQuery lite) dependencies on other frameworks unlike backbone, ember and most others.

Time will show if my investment pays off 🙂

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