JDBC: SQL Server and Named Instances

It’s been a while since I worked with Java and especially JDBC. Today I spentĀ  a while trying to get the Oracle BI Publisher to connect to a SQL Server 2005 instance.

I found various examples of different ways to define the instance name in the connection string. After trying them all I could only conclude that defining the instance specific port number is the only way to get a connection established.


Reading the MSDN documentation a bit closer also revealed that it is the recommended way.

How do I know what the instance specific port number is? Easy!

  1. Fire Up the SQL Server Configuration Manager
  2. Expand the the SQL Server 2005 Network Configuration node
  3. Click on the instance you want
  4. Double click on the TCP/IP item
  5. Switch to the IP Addresses tab

The port number needed is the item named TCP Dynamic Ports.