Preparing Stand-alone SharePoint Farm for Apps Development

Microsoft has made it very easy to setup an development environment on Azure and if you are a MSDN subscription owner it is practically free. To get started with SharePoint development on Azure just follow the instructions published by the SharePoint team last year. Once you have the farm running you still need to complete additional steps to be able to develop and run Apps for SharePoint. Before you can start following the instructions provided by Microsoft some DNS configuration is required.

Assuming you are running with a single server NTML based setup, here is what you need to do:

  1. Use ipconfig /all through the command line to make notes of the machine IP and outside DNS server address
  2. Create a zone for the machine, name it e.g. sharepoint.local . Then make sure there is a host under the sharepoint-local pointing to the machines own IP.
  3. Edit the properties of the (DNS) server itself and add to the list of forwarders one pointing to the outside DNS server
  4. Create a zone for your apps, name it e.g. (primary zone)
  5. Add a cname under the with the fqdn * and “full target name for target host” being e.g. <machine name>.sharepoint.local
  6. Finally check everything is working by running ipconfig /flushdns followed by trying to access your local SharePoint and the internet. Try also pinging e.g.

DNS settings