Embedding YouTube videos into PowerPoint

Today I needed to grab a video from YouTube to include in a PowerPoint presentation. PowerPoint is quite picky about the formats it supports and you don’t want to embed too large files either.

Here is how I solved this:

  1. Download the latest version of the WinX YouTube Downloader. It is free and the only freeware tool I could find that did not seem to contain spyware or potential viruses. Beware of the online download services!
  2. Using the downloader produces a MPEG4 file that of course only the VLC player might be willing to show unless you have QuickTime installed. VLC  is not able to convert MPEG4 files to other formats without loss of quality, so don’t stop reading yet.
  3. Install QuickTime (only install the essentials if you don’t need the player) and the Microsoft Expression Encoder
  4. Microsoft Expression Encoder might have difficulties displaying the video, but you should managed to edit and then export a decent quality WMV video (file taking only 20% of the original file size) that PowerPoint will be more than happy to accept.



2 thoughts on “Embedding YouTube videos into PowerPoint

    • Thank you Michael for the input! This is good news. Does not help me personally as we only have Office 2010 at work. This is anyway a good example of the benefits the new apps concept brings 🙂

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